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Efforts to prevent infection with the Novel Coronavirus

  • Front desk

    ・Regular ventilation in this facility
    ・Installation of non-contact alcohol disinfectant
    ・Employees wearing masks and temperature measurement when going to work
    ・Hand washing and disinfection of fingers
    ・Disinfection and cleaning of common facilities, etc.
    ・Providing information on the status of infection
    ・Installation of splash prevention panel at front counter
    ・Temperature measurement at check-in with a non-contact thermometer
    ・Interview with the physical condition by questionnaire at check-in
    ・Use cash tray at the time of payment
    ・Laundry service abolished for the time being
  • Restaurant

    ・Regular ventilation in the store
    ・Install disinfectant at the entrance
    ・Temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection at the time of admission
    ・Seat position to maintain social distance
    ・Breakfast buffet format suspended for the time being due to self-restraint request
    ・Use cash tray at the time of payment