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Sightseeing around

Sightseeing spots around Yokohama Mandarin Hotel

Information on sightseeing spots and events in the area recommended by the accommodation.
  • Around Noge

    • Around Noge

      Around Noge

      There is a free admission "Nogeyama Zoo" and a deep bar "Noge Shopping Street"
      Yokohama City is known as a little-known spot in Yokohama City.

      3 minutes walk from the hotel
  • Around Minatomirai

    • Around Minatomirai

      Around Minatomirai

      At Cosmo World, which is famous for the Ferris wheel, and popular gourmet spots
      Popular tourist area
  • Yokohama Chinatown

    • Yokohama Chinatown

      Yokohama Chinatown

      The world's largest Chinatown with many all-you-can-eat and popular long-established stores popular with young people

      (Train) ➡ Hotel- Sakuragicho Station (JR Negishi Line) -Ishikawacho Ishikawacho Station ⇒ 5 minutes walk
           (20 minutes)
      (Taxi) ➡ Hotel- Yokohama Chinatown(About 10 minutes)
  • Other nearby tourist spots

    • Royal wing(Yokohama Port Cruise Ship)

      Royal wing★Yokohama Cruise x Restaurant

      【Important】Please check the company's website or the site directly for details such as changes in the flight schedule due to priority measures such as prevention of spread in Kanagawa Prefecture.

      A restaurant ship where you can enjoy meals while cruising Yokohama Port
      "Royal wing"
      Lunch cruise, tea cruise, dinner cruise and 4 flights a day (normal time) You can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine cooked on board and the charm of Yokohama Port.

      (Taxi) ➡ Hotel-Yokohama Port Osanbashi International Passenger Ship Terminal(10 minutes)

      Yokohama World Porters

      A large commercial complex in MinatomiraiIt is a popular shopping center with stores such as restaurants, miscellaneous goods, casual clothing, furniture and interiors, and a movie theater.

      ➀ Hotel- Sakuragicho Station ⇒ Kisha-michi(About 10 minutes)
      ② Hotel- Sakuragicho Station ⇒ Urban ropeway "YOKOHAMA AIR CABIN" to Canal Park
    • Nogeyama Zoo

      Nogeyama Zoo

      Located in Nogeyama Park on a hill overlooking Minatomirai
      It is a zoo with free admission.
      180 kinds of animals including elephants and lions are bred and exhibited in the park.In the Animal Square, there is a corner where you can directly interact with small animals such as rabbits.
      It has become popular.
      【Closed days】Every Monday and New Year holidays(From 12/29 to 1/1)
      *Please check the Official website for details.

      7 minutes walk from the hotel
      Exit the hotel to the left, Noge), and go straight on the slope.
    • Yokohama hammer head(Image courtesy:Yokohama hammer head)

      Yokohama hammer head(YOKOHAMA HAMMERHEAD)

      Yokohama HAMMERHEAD Shinko Pier Terminal is a complex facility equipped with a "passenger ship terminal," "high-quality hotel," and "commercial facility," which opened in October 2019.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Sightseeing tour bus "Akai Kutsu"-
      Get off at "Hammer Head"(Time required about 18 minutes)
    • Sailing ship Nippon Maru

      Nippon Maru Memorial Park

      You can tour the inside of the nationally designated important cultural property "Sail Training Ship Nippon Maru".
      Inside the ship, the state at the time of the voyage and ship supplies are displayed.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Nippon Maru Memorial Park(13 minutes on foot)
    • PACIFICO Yokohama(Image courtesy:PACIFICO Yokohama)

      PACIFICO Yokohama

      Minatomirai 21 the waterfront desk in Minatomirai 21
      "The world's largest complex MICE facility"
      It has a theater hall, a conference room, an exhibition hall, a hotel and various other facilities.
      International exchange base.

      Main facilities
      National Convention Hall, Conference Center, Exhibition Hall, Annex Hall,North

      (Walk) ➡ Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Landmark Plaza-
          PACIFICO Yokohama(20 min)
      (Taxi) ➡ Hotel- PACIFICO Yokohama(About 10 minutes)
    • MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA(Marine and Walk)

      MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA(Marine and Walk)

      An open mall built on the bay front desk in Yokohama where the sea spreads out in front of you.
      It is a hot spot where fashionable miscellaneous goods, fashion, restaurants, etc. gather.

      (Walk) ➡ Hotel- Sakuragicho Station Kishamichi-MARINE & WALK
          YOKOHAMA(25 minutes)
      (Bus) ➡ Sakuragicho Station -Sightseeing Tour Bus "Akai Kutsu"-
         Get off at "Red Brick Warehouse / Marine & Walk"(Time required about 15 minutes)
    • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

      Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

      It is a cultural and commercial facility where you can enjoy shopping, gourmet food and various events born from historic buildings certified by Yokohama City the 2 blocks of Minatomirai 21

      (Walk) ➡ Hotel- Sakuragicho Station Red Brick Warehouse(23 minutes)
      (Bus) ➡ Sakuragicho Station -Sightseeing Tour Bus "Akai Kutsu"-
         Get off at "Red Brick Warehouse / Marine & Walk"(Time required about 15 minutes)
    • Yokohama Cosmoworld

      Yokohama Cosmoworld

      "Yokohama Cosmoworld" is a large-scale Ferris wheel created from the world's first groundbreaking city planning, consisting of a total of three zones: "Wonder Amuse Zone," "Brano Street Zone," and "Kids Carnival Zone." The car is a landmark "urban three-dimensional amusement park".

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station - Yokohama Cosmoworld(18 minutes on foot)
    • Yokohama Landmark Tower

      Yokohama Landmark Tower

      A large complex facility on the 70th floor above the ground that is popular as a symbol of Minatomirai
      There are offices, hotels, shopping malls (landmark plaza), observation floors (Sky Garden), multipurpose floors (landmark floor), etc.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Moving Walkway- Yokohama Landmark Tower(13 minutes on foot)


      Sakuragicho station square and Shinko wharf.
      The fare is 1,000 yen for adults one way and 1,800 yen for round trips, half price for children.
      Please check the business hours locally or on the Official website.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -YOKOHAMA AIR CABIN(10-minute walk)
    • Yokohama Stadium

      Yokohama Stadium

      Common name. "Hamasta"
      Yokohama DeNA BayStars of the Professional Baseball Central League.
      High school as a multipurpose facility in the Yokohama Park Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture baseball
      It is also used in the finals of the Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament and concert events.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station (JR Negishi Line) Kannai Station ⇒ 2 minutes walk
      (Time required about 15 minutes)

    • Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

      Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

      Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is full of restaurants and shopping stores as well as Japan's largest aquarium and attractions.Hakkeijima is free to enter, so you can have a meal at a restaurant while taking a walk, or take a break at a nearby cafe after playing at an attraction. There are plenty of healing spots so you can relax and enjoy Sea Para all day long.

      Hotel-Hinodecho(3-minute walk)
      Hinodecho Station (Keihin Express) Kanazawa-Hakkei Station Transfer to the Seaside Line Hakkeijima Station(Time required about 30 minutes)

    • Anniversaire Minatomirai Yokohama

      Anniversaire Minatomirai Yokohama

      Located in the center of Minatomirai surrounded by the sea, this wedding hall features a wedding style that you can choose from 2 areas and 7 reception halls.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Kisha-michi- Anniversaire Minatomirai Yokohama
      (22 minutes on foot)
    • Cupnoodles Museum Yokohama(Ando Hyakufuku Invention Memorial Hall)

      Cupnoodles Museum Yokohama

      Various exhibitions and hands-on workshops related to instant noodles
      It is a hands-on museum where you can learn while having fun.

      【Admission fee】:Adults (university students and above) 500 yen*Free for high school students and younger
      【Closed days】:Tuesday (* If it is a national holiday, the next day will be closed), New Year holidays
      【Opening hours】10:00 to 18:00(Last admission until 17:00)

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station - Cupnoodles Museum Yokohama(20-minute walk)
    • MARK IS Minatomirai

      MARK IS Minatomirai

      A large commercial facility in Minatomirai
      Please check the Official website for the business hours of each store.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Landmark Plaza-MARK IS Minatomirai(16 minutes on foot)
    • Pia Arena MM

      Pia Arena MM

      An event venue for 10,000 people opened in Minatomirai in July 2020.

      Hotel- Sakuragicho Station -Pia Arena MM(16 minutes on foot)